About Piranha Mills


At PIRANHA, our mission is to develop and supply cutting tools with a high precision/performance ratio to improve the efficiency of various machining applications. We continuously perform machining performance tests in order to provide the best tools and support needed for the widest variety of processes and materials, and thus offer customized, optimal solutions for all levels of application. PIRANHA pushes the limits for REDEFINED PERFORMANCE.

Our Commitment to Quality

PIRANHA has seasoned mastery in quality management and very high quality standards worthy of the aeronautics industry. In order to provide high-performance precision tools, part of the absolute priorities of our manufacturing process are batch repeatability and the precision of tangential cutting radius.

Why Piranha ?

PIRANHA stands out in the market by working in partnership with businesses in order to offer them the most complete, best performing range of products to achieve optimum cost-saving economies of scale per part manufactured. By partnering with renowned distributors that provide high levels of support, PIRANHA ensures that turnkey solutions are provided to each business seeking to improve the efficiency of their machining processes.